Welcome speech for annual nurses day?


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Writing a welcome speech for a nurses' day is similar to most other speeches but there are some helpful tips for giving a good speech.  Firstly it is always important to honour the occasion and speak of your happiness in giving the welcome speech.  An opening line such as, "It is so good to see that many nurses have come to honour this day, and it is my pleasure to welcome you all here", would bring a great start to the occasion.  Following this it is important to know your audience.  Assuming your audience will be mainly medical professionals it may be appropriate to add some medical jokes to begin your speech.  Perhaps lines such as, "I love being a nurse as you get to expose yourself to new, exciting and rare diseases" or "what's the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? - the taste", would bring humour to your speech.  If you do not feel confident then the speech does not need to be long, and if you are not comfortable with adding a joke then perhaps something more sincere would be a nice touch, something to bring tribute to the occasion and a "thanks to nurses who work so hard throughout the year".  The speech could include an introduction of the day ahead, provided there is not already someone to do this.  Perhaps an anecdote of a previous nurses' day (as the event is annual) or a heart-warming or funny circumstance surrounding a patient you have treated or doctor you have worked with would also add flavour to your speech.  It is usually customary to end a speech by introducing the next speaker and wishing everyone well with their day ahead, perhaps even offering some advice if you feel it is appropriate.

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