How To Give Welcome Speech For Nurses Day Program?


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Carrying out a welcome speech at a Nurses Day programme is a great privilege and you need to make sure you make the right points while keeping yourself composed.

- Do Your Research

Nurses Day has been celebrated every year since 1965 so it is important that you do some research on the industry and the people you are going to be addressing. You need to understand why people become nurses as well as the amount of work they do and why they are proud to be in this profession. In order to find the right material you should ask some nurses why they decided to go into this field. You could even use little anecdotes of some of the professionals you speak to.

- Encourage Them

Unfortunately nurses don't always receive the best praise for their work so on this day especially, you should go out of your way to appreciate the work that they do, and how vital they are in society. Also, you could speak about how privileged you feel to be the one carrying out this speech and why you wanted to do it. However, don't go over the top because you may not come across as genuine.

- Have a Strong Delivery

Speaking in front of large numbers of people can be very daunting and nerve-wracking. However, you must try and combat this as much as you can because people notice nerves very easily and can sometimes zone in on your anxious delivery rather than what you're saying. Be enthusiastic and smile throughout, as well as keeping good eye contact with your audience. If you're feeling nervous always remember to take a deep breath before you get up there.

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