How To Give A Welcome Speech On Sports Day?


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Start with the usual and thank everyone for attending and participating in the event. Maybe open with some light humor or an interesting related story to grab the listener's attention. Before writing it, think about what the event has involved so far and what is included throughout the event. Perhaps also try reading up some other event day speeches online or listening to them on YouTube.

  • So, what activities and sub-events will be taking place?
The welcome speech should be informative as well as welcoming. You should let the guests be aware of what will be happening throughout the day and perhaps mention the staff and volunteers involved in the set up etc.

  • Keep it relatively short.
As it is a sports day, people don't want to be sitting down for long periods of time. To emphasize the sporting enthusiasm among everyone, use punchy, energetic and motivating words. To further motivate, you can recite or use parts of poems or famous speeches.

  • Do not end the speech as if it was the end of the day.
Remember you are welcoming everyone. Keep the ending exciting and inspiring for the young athletes. To further boost this excitement, boom your voice up a bit towards the end and say something punchy and catchphrase like.

Also, remember to speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear. It is a welcoming speech so be welcoming and smile.
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We all gathered here today to celebrate sports day of this year...
I am very honoured to see you all here this evening...
I am delighted together with you, knowing two of our students have won the trophies in the district level competition...
Now I would like to call upon our beloved principal to start the function and make it a grand success

ANIL KUMAR>>>>>>>>
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Well perhaps I am not the best person to give an answer, seeing as I am horrible at sports and hate to watch them.
But it seems like a few notable quotes could sum it all up quite nicely.
It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.
And as Vince Lombardi said...... When you are in the end zone, act like you've been there before.
Now forgive me if the quotes are not 100%, but the message rings true none the less
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Welcome to ______. It's great to see everybody here today. We've been looking forward to your arrival, and I hope you enjoy your time with us.    The management and staff however decided to celebrate the festival with a difference this year. Hence, various competitions and programmes were arranged for teachers in the school premises like memory games, 100 mt. Running races, caroms, chess back walking, musical chairs, antyakshari. The winning teachers were applauded and would be awarded prizes on the occasion of Sports Valedictory function. Adding a feather to the colourful cap of OGS. The management and staff invited the parents and grand parents also to participate in many events and games.  24th and 25th Oct, i.e Saturday and Sunday, the school wore a festive look with teachers and volunteers students went here and there to make arrangements at their level best to welcome our esteemed guests- our parents. On 24th October, 09 at 10 A.M., our Chairman Mr.M.Vedakumar inaugurated Parent’s Sports Meet, started with Running Race. What we found were more number of ladies participated than gent parents. Around 55 parents participated. Our chairman Mr.M.Vedakumar, to boost the morale of the parents and also to encourage the participants he announced prizes for every round winner, apart from the final round winners of this events.

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