How To Write A Welcome Speech For Church Visitors?


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If you are looking to write a speech for a welcoming at a church, you don't need ridiculous amounts of advice. Writing a speech is very personal to the person that is writing it, so the actual content shouldn't really be strict. The only thing that needs to be considered when writing a speech is to use different techniques that will make your welcome speech much more memorable and entertaining than it would be without. Below are some examples of how you can make your speech personal but constantly interesting:

  • Use humor! This way you can engage your audience and get people to listen to what you are saying. Look at the current events in your area and around the world and incorporate them into a little joke. People are much more likely to warm to you if you use humor.
  • Be open and friendly. Introduce yourself and tell people a little bit about yourself, especially if you are a regular member of the church. People like to be able to relate to people that they are listening and talking to. Just because it's a speech doesn't mean that people still can't warm to you as a person because of it.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you know exactly what you'll be talking about and write yourself little cue cards to ensure that nerves don't wipe your memory and leave your mind blank. There is nothing worse than being under prepared and on the spot, especially if you are a nervous speaker at the best of times. Just do a little preparation and it will definitely pay off.
  • Just be yourself. Tell people of your love for your God and speak from the heart. A church is the best place to express exactly why you go to church and to revel in your mutual love for religion.

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