May I Have A Sample Welcome Speech For My Church Anniversary. This Will Be My First Doing This. My Church Is Celebrating 91 Years?


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I can't imagine why any organisation would be so desperate as to 'celebrate' 91 years.
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Be sure to tell them that God meant it when He inspired Luke to warn your congregation that He does not live in CRAFTED temples as stated in Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24 but knowing you, you will LIE to them and say He is in them and be sure not to tell that Jesus knows they are ALL ROBBERS DENS.

42,000 children are SUFFERING and DYING because you steal the money that Jesus commanded you to feed the hungry with. On judgement day, be sure to tell God it is more important to put a CAMEL'S portion into brain washing places that Jesus NEVER told you to build but thinking that you smarter than God for the past 5,000 years you decide to give a GNATS AMOUNT to the POOR (Matthew 23:24). Now twist that OUT OF CONTEXT into a beautiful tapestry of LIES as ALL RELIGIONS do.

You will recognize me when you look across the cashm from HELL into heaven.

Don't forget to keep it a secret that as you and your congregation teach their children to LIE about Santa Clause can fly and Jesus was born on December 25th because if you reveal the TRUTH to the children, how do you think they can go to HELL with you.(Luke 14:26) Be sure to turn that verse into a BALD FACE LIE with out revealing the book in the library that can back up you LIES.

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