I Need To Do A Welcome For My Church Annual Family And Friend Day Program? Can You Please Me?


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This may work for you.
It is my privilege to welcome you to [church name] family and friend day. The family is a vital institution created by God. Throughout history every civilization's fate has been reflected in its families. As the family goes so goes the nation.
The Bible also stresses the importance of friendship. Proverbs 27:10 tells us "Do not forsake your friend or the friend of your father..." Proverbs18:24 tells us that "there is a friend that sticks like a brother". As we join together to celebrate the importance of friends and family we hope that you will enjoy and be blessed by today's program. Thank you for being here.
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I need to do a welcome for my church annual family and friend day program? Can you help me please?
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It might be fun to use a Shakespeare play. Maybe King Richard addressing his troops only substitute the appropriate when appropriate and speak it with an overt clarion voice. Those who aren't stupid will get the humor. Those who are you'll know never to invite to bar-b-ques.
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Go deep within your mind and be sincere the same way you would welcome friends to your home because if someone else writes it for you, it is not really you, you will be reading or reciting someone else's words, the best to you, you can get ideas to go with yours but the original has to come from your heart and how you feel the best to you, you can chose a bible verse to open or close your wecome speech .....the best to you

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