Where Can I Find A Free Appreciation Speech For Attending Family And Friends Day At My Church?


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Giving an appreciation speech to guests attending a Family and Friends Day at church is a good opportunity to express your thanks and gratitude to both familiar faces and newcomers to the congregation. It is possible to find a range of speeches online but it is increasingly difficult to get ones for free. If you are willing to pay for a pre-written speech they can be found at a number of websites including and

With a little patience and confidence it is reasonably easy to write your own appreciation speech to give at a Family and Friends day at church. You can choose a topic that relates to the time of year, any events that may be taking place in the church or if a member of your congregation has something to announce. Relating it to the time of year allows you to delve a bit into current affairs or celebrate an important date in your faith. Often there will be attendees at a Family and Friends even who you would not usually worship with.

Giving an appreciation speech allows you to make them feel welcome in your congregation and encourage them to get involved with any events in the near future. Congratulate anyone in your congregation who has had some good news or use it as a chance to pray for anyone who is suffering. The most important things to consider when writing your own appreciation speech for church is to keep it short, simple and concise. Be genuine and friendly and make it your aim to make everyone feel welcome. Try to appear confident, even if you don’t feel it, as this will help your audience feel more at ease. Try not to go too off topic, the most remembered and admired speeches are concise and clear. Focus on making yourself and the congregation feel comfortable and work out the details as you go along.
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Write your own.

Nothing is more free than what comes from the heart, nor is there anything more valuable.

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