Where Can I Find A Free Occasion Speech For Church Homecoming?


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While writing, let alone giving, a speech can be a daunting task, using speeches that are copied or downloaded or simply not written by the person delivering can often result in a flat, uninspired and, dare I say it, dull speech with which to subject an audience to.

The ceremony of a church homecoming provides plenty of starting points for anecdotes and memories. Personal stories enrich a speech, personalizing and cementing the church's place in the community. Emphasize the camaraderie and friendships that regular church attendance provides and amplifies. Use the speech to explain how the church provides a space for personal and spiritual growth and bolster these points with personal stories and recollections.

The speech must be structured appropriately. Start with a welcome to all present, ensuring that the whole room is addressed and noting that new potential worshipers may be in attendance. Next, explain the purpose of having a church homecoming service and possibly a brief history of the establishment. Conclude with a brief expression of gratitude to all the organizers and a final acknowledgment to everyone for attending and sitting through your speech, while thanking for all blessings received.

Always carry at least two copies of the speech on your person in large print so as to be clearly legible. Practice before delivering the speech.

Finally - make it from the heart and don't go on too long.

You can find a nice poem to use here.
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Ask the Holy Spirit. Speak from the heart, be genuine. Nothing like being real.
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Wow, plagiarism much?
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Pray for the mighty out pouring of the Holy Ghost, Pray for signs and wonder, pray many
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