What To Say On A Speech For Church Homecoming?


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TELL THEM THE TRUTH or I will see you across the chasm in HELL.

Tell them that God doesn't LIE when He tells them that 'HE DOES NOT LIVE IN CRAFTED TEMPLES as He inspired His words in Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24.

The children of SATAN holds meetings in them and will skilfully twist His words OUT OF CONTEXT and you will probably believe them and I WILL SEE YOU ACROSS THE CHASM IN HELL.

These ROBBERS DENS of money changers take the provisions of the SUFFERING and POOR and build and maintain the CRAFTED temples instead of providing for the SUFFERING AND POOR as Jesus commands them to do in Matthew chapter 25. They give a GNAT'S amount to the poor but keep a CAMEL'S portion to maintain SATAN'S HOUSE. (Matthew 23:24)

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