Who Goes To A Church Homecoming?


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John McCasey answered
The present members and the ones that used to go as well as visitors.
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Caleb Gosa answered
'The children of SATAN' that go into a CRAFTED TEMPLE that God inspired Luke to tell you in Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24 that GOD DOES NOT DWELL OR LIVE IN CRAFTED TEMPLES but the members twists God's words TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT and claim that God didn't know how to inspire His words correctly, so they twist His words into LIES and you go along with the LIES because of the ones that lead you to them as Jesus tells you in Luke 14:26, to HATE them.

Jesus says in Luke 6:20 ''Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of God.
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Many people go, from innocent children to warped extremists such as 'AfriendofJ', who certainly doesn't conform to anyone's idea of someone Jesus would acknowledge as a friend!

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