I'd Like A Church Homecoming Poem Or Reading To Be Used At Our Homecoming, Any Ideas?


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You should find a lot of appropriate poetry that can be used as a reading at your homecoming at the following addresses:
It would always be a good idea to ask your local church leader for their advice on what homecoming poem you should use. They will be sure to know which have been used in the past and what ones best suit the occasion. You can either arrange a meeting with them by phoning them up or you could try and have a word with them after a church service that you have attended.

You can also head to your local library as they may have many books that contain appropriate homecoming poems and readings. Simply head to their help desk and ask the librarian if they know of any books that could help with a homecoming. You should try and take a selection out with you so you are not committing yourself to one poem - in case you change your mind.

With any type of reading, it is always best to try and learn as much as you can. This way you are then able to look at your audience when you are delivering the poem rather than having to keep your head down to read every word.

You need to project your voice and speak in a clear and controlled manner. This will help get the poem across in the best way possible and make for a very memorable homecoming ceremony.

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