What Do I Say For A Church Anniversary Occasion?


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At a church anniversary you would usually address the congregation with a speech outlining the history of the church including its origin, accomplishments, how it has reached out to the community and anything else individual or any positive stand-out moments that have happened regarding your church. At the end of your speech you will simply want to remind the congregation of why you have all gathered there in celebration and to wish your church a happy anniversary.

In addition you may want to write a poem to read during the service, which should focus on the sense of companionship and community expressed by the church and what lies ahead for the future including the opportunities for the place of worship. Of course you will not want to miss out speaking words of gratitude for the constant blessings received.

To add to the service you could create a video documenting the history of the church, which could include interviews and pictures of previous pastors as well as highlighting a number of individuals who may be older members of the church. You could interview members of the congregation and ask them what the church means to them as well as showing pictures of possible redevelopments that have occurred over the years. If you’re not particularly knowledgeable about video technology then perhaps seek someone out to help you.

While your own speech is important, you could consider inviting back previous leaders and pastors to say a few words about their experiences at the church and how the anniversary is special to them. In addition you could ask a number of individuals special to the church to say a few words including someone who was baptised there, the first couple to wed in the church, or perhaps a person from a charity or organisation who has worked alongside the church to create charitable projects.

These are fairly easy to put together. Basically, it does what it says on the tin, it needs to welcome people to the church and put them at ease for the coming ceremony.
  • Start of speech
A good welcome and occasion speech will make people laugh, remember the good times they have had so far with you, and let you establish that the ceremony has officially begun. Start with a genial opening, something like "It is very nice to welcome you all here today to celebrate our anniversary."
  • Comfort the audience
Perhaps add a joke about how long you have been with your partner to make your audience laugh. You then need to make your audience feel special, by saying something like "you are here today because you all have your own special places in our lives, and we really appreciate the time we have with you."

Anything that makes the audience feel comfortable and wanted. Seeing as it is a church ceremony, you should probably have something about how God has blessed you with a good husband or wife, and how you thank him for your good fortune.

  • End of speech
End the speech by telling everyone to enjoy themselves, and that you hope they all have a good time. This will then enable you to go and mingle and hopefully receive praise for your speech. You could also thank the vicar for hosting the ceremony at his or her church.

Every speech calls for different bits within it depending on the circumstances and the occasion that it is required for. Often, they refer to key events that most of the people present will remember, such as your wedding day.

This brings the company together in remembering that happy day, and also gives you the opportunity to think back to it too. Perhaps print off some photos of your wedding day if possible to add to the feel of nostalgia. This is always a nice touch and a conversation starter among friends and family.
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I need a reading on when ,how,and where church anniversary got started and the meaning for it

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Address everybody including the head of church the founder and special guests .tell how you feel about it. Little bit of history and success story of church.the contributions from different people and the well being that the church has done to the people , its believers and thank finally every one for turning up once again.
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I can not find a speech on church anniversary occasion paper.

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