Where Can I Find Church Occasion Speeches?


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There are many websites with different speeches on them. One of the first websites I came across is called www.find-the-words.com. It contains many different types of speeches, and tips for writing each type of speech.

Under the church speeches there is this sample one: "Celebration, praise and worship, Honoring our Lord and Savior - Uplifted, consoled, forgiven and protected Remembering as we celebrate and give thanks - Chronicling another anniversary as a church community. Held together as a congregation in the palm of His Hand, and today as we celebrate our church's anniversary. Near to us we feel His Presence, Never forsaken or forgotten - In His Light we radiate. Victoriously we raise our voices, Echoing again our thanks for blessings received, Recollecting triumphs and tribulations in the year gone by. Steadfast and constant we turn to the year ahead, Awed and buoyed by his radiating Love, Reborn and renewed - Yesterdays remembered and tomorrows praised."

However, that website is not the only option for church occasion speeches. Many speech writing websites can be accessed by searching through google or yahoo. As well as places to get tips for writing your speech. The website dummies.com has a section with tips for writing and delivering speeches (bit.ly/e0nXJQ).
Another technique when writing speeches it to take a passage from a book, or more appropriately a passage from the bible. Reading through appropriately suited novels can normally find you a decent passage to read quite quickly. In the end you must go with your gut when choosing though as that is usually what is best.
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For youth day
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A christian book store or a regular book store you maybe able to find a poem or reading that is suitable for church...good luck and hope you find this information helpful...

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