Where Can I Find A Speech On The Occasion For My Women's Day Program?


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You will find it is actually best to write your own speech. Yes you can take inspiration from others or even a few quotes but the main bulk of the speech should be from yourself.

If you wish to find speeches to inspire you, or great religious quotes, then it is worth getting a few books to read through.

• Religious Book Websites

You could have a look at the following website to see if any of the books they stock would be of interest to help you compile your speech:
• Libraries

If you do not want to spend any money on books then you can always use the library. If you head down to your local library and tell the librarian that you are going to write a speech for the Women's Day Program and so do they have any appropriate books that might help.

It is worth taking as many books out as possible to get lots of ideas and not limit yourself to one thing and then change your mind about it at the last minute.

• Talk to your church leader

It is also a great idea to discuss your speech and what you are going to include in it with your church leader. They will have seen many Woman's Day speeches before and so will know what is appropriate and what is not.

You are best trying to arrange a meeting with the church leader, this way you can have a bit of time to discuss with them. You should bring along the notes you've made and the speech you may have written.

• Ask friends and family

You can also ask for ideas from your friends, family and fellow church-goers; they are sure to offer their help and so there is no need to stress over it as it will be fine in the end.
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I need a welcome and occasion for men and women day program
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Check out Elenor Roosevelt's bio. She was a powerful woman and contributed greatly to our country.
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I need a occasion speech for our Men and Women Day program, where can I get some help?

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