Where Can I Find An Occasion For Women's Day Program In The Church?


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There are online resources that allow you to find occasion speeches or speech help for free and for a price. Best Speech Topics provides a range of occasion speech topics to get you started at For full occasion speech how-to's try a website such as Speech Topics Help at It is often quite difficult to find whole occasion speeches uploaded onto the internet as many believe they are something that should be written for each independent church event. Writing an occasion speech may not be as difficult as you think and once you have a little inspiration to get you on your way, you may find that the words flow naturally.

If you are writing an occasion speech for Women's Day, you automatically have a topic to base your speech around. A short introduction can welcome new and old faces to your church and if you are aware of any important guests or someone who has travelled a long distance, be sure to give them a special mention. Not everyone will be aware about exactly what International Women's Day is, so give a brief summary of what the occasion is about. You can say how it was initiated by women who wanted to celebrate their achievements in social, political and economic environments. Try to relate the day to anyone within your congregation. If you know any women in the audience who have completed a great achievement or have done something extra special, give them a mention. In advance to your Women's Day occasion speech, encourage the congregation to nominate friends and family that deserve a mention on Women's Day. You can then choose to read out these mentions yourself or ask the members of the congregation to do it on the day.

A Women's Day occasion speech does not need to be copied and pasted from the internet. With a little inspiration and a few start up points it is possible to write your own.

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