Where Can I Find An Occasion Speech For Men And Women Day Program?


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There are a number of websites where you can find sample speeches for a variety of church occasions and celebrations. You can find a number of sample speeches, including speeches on gender and on numerous church events, here: http://www.best-speech-topics.com/free-sample-of-speeches.html. There is a sample speech regarding religion here: http://library.thinkquest.org/C005627/Learn/Database/Sample_Speeches/sample_speeches.shtml. There is also a great website which provides a wide selection of speeches suitable to adapt to your specific needs, which can be found here: http://www.find-the-words.com/. However, if you're not satisfied with the speeches found at these websites, then here are some tips about writing speeches for Men's and Women's Day.

Generally, speeches for a Men's Day or a Women's Day program begin by acknowledging the celebration at hand. The speaker should show that they understand the importance of the celebration to the congregation, and should emphasize the positive effects of a community coming together in order to celebrate. The openings of such speeches also tend to thank the congregation for making the effort to attend the celebration. If you are expecting a large turn-out, why not comment on how wonderful it is to see so many people in one room, in order to honor the special day? You could also look into the crowd and comment on the variety of people present, noticing how a number of different types of people are united by their respect and reverence for this day.

Many speeches for Men's Day and Women's Day programs use pieces of scripture to give their speech a theme and a focus. If a particular piece of scripture of hymn comes to mind as being an appropriate commemoration of the occasion, then feel free to incorporate it into your speech. If you feel that there are no obvious links to a particular piece of scripture, then why not use your personal favorite piece of scripture? If you make your speech about something which you are passionate about, your passion will come through in your words and infect the audience.
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I need help on a speech for men and women day. If you can help please do so. Thanks?

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