I Need A Welcome And Occasion For Men And Women Day Program?


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There are several things you may wish to do for your welcome and occasion for Men’s and Women’s Day Church Program. A nice gesture when greeting your audience is to pin a pleasant-smelling flower on them at the door.  This will show gratitude for their attendance and also give a bright and colourful vibe to your occasion. You could also have young men greeters to take their potluck food to the kitchen for them.

Another nice touch would be to arrange an arch of artificial flowers they can walk through at the entrance. Or why not have children give each guest an encouraging Bible verse bookmark or scroll as they walk through?

Since International Women's Day is meant to promote women's plights all over the world, you may consider inviting a church of a specific denominational and ethnic background to your event. This will encourage your fellow churchgoers to consider the worldwide plight of women and not just those closer to home.

For the actually ceremony, you may think about arranging for an expert to speak about the women's and men’s theme you have chosen. A good place to look for experts that are engaging, as well as knowledgeable, is your local university. Ask for the gender studies office or ask to speak to the assistant dean's office in order to get a good lead on a popular lecturer who specialises in the field you want to highlight at your event.
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I am going to use for the theme -- Men and Women Living with Enthusiasm for Christ. However, I need a scripture quote.
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I need a Mens And Womens Day Ocassion speech

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I need an occasion for men and women Day Celebration

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