Where can I view sample Men's day occasion speeches?


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It might be a good idea to create the speech for Men's Day yourself, you could start by
welcoming the congregation and commenting on how great it is to see so
many people. Talk about the differences between the men attending, yet
they are all united to celebrate this wonderful day.

If you have a favourite piece of scripture which seems appropriate
for the celebration, or even a hymn that springs to mind ("Onward
Christian Soldiers" was always a favourite with boys at my school so it
might get the younger ones more involved and interested) feel free to
use those - just something that will interest men of all ages.

be yourself, relax, enjoy your moment and if at all possible, try to
inject a little light humour into things. This relaxes people and makes
them warm to you, so any mistakes you may make will be quickly

However, if you need some help, a good starting point for writing a speech for Men's Day is at

The website gives many examples, hints and tips to help you write a speech for any occasion, and I think you will get some worthwhile material from there.

Another site that might prove useful to you is Sermon Central.

The link I have provided gives many examples of speeches relevant for men and specifically, Men's Day.

Good luck!

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