Where To Find A Free Speech For Women's Day Program?


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Unless the person looking for a speech is intending to hi-jack a speech that was given at a Women's Day in previous years, which would not be very original, the best way to get a free speech is to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Determining the Overall Theme of the Day
The first step is to find out the overall theme of the day the speech is intended for. As a rule, most Women's Day celebrations center around a particular aspect of life, such as faith, health, family, work, etc.

  • Finding a Suitable Topic
Next a topic to fit in with the theme has to be decided upon. For instance, assuming the speech is intended for a day celebrated within a church setting, the theme may be a woman's role within the family. The chosen topic could be her role as a mother.

  • Gathering Information
Having decided on a topic, say motherhood, to stay with the above line of thought, relevant information has to be gathered. This may include passages relating to motherhood in the Bible, statistics, examples of motherhood in action, examples of the value of mothers, etc.

  • Organizing the Information
The gathered information then has to be organized into some sort of sensible sequence. Where to start, what fits where and how to combine the various bits of information to present a positive message are factors to be considered here.

  • Writing the Speech
Lastly, the now organized information can be taken and transformed into a speech. It is vital to keep the information flowing, rather than listing bits and pieces. Transitions between references and examples should be smooth and logical, rather than giving an impression of having been thrown together. If difficulties in achieving this occur, asking a friend often helps. The result: One free, original speech.

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