What's A Good Welcome Speech For Family And Friends Day?


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Whether you are having a small or large gathering it is essential you target the speech to your audience. You should have a welcome or introduction where you take the opportunity to thanks everyone for coming to your social event, whether it be a wedding or other special occasion, or even just a lunch, brunch, breakfast or dinner.
Your speech should be constructed in such a way that it is well thought out and concise. Maybe even throw in a few jokes here and there for good measure. You should let your speech or welcome piece be no longer than around ten minutes as you want to capture people's attention in order to kick the thing off. 
You can welcome everyone to the reunion and thank them for coming. Mention which different families (or family lines) are present as well as giving a general outline of the day's (or weekend's) events to take place. It is also essential that you thank the people who helped put the reunion together. Why not add in some inspirational thoughts for people to take into account.
You can discuss some of the times you have shared with your friends over the years and how you have supported. You could talk about how you will be eternally grateful for all the things and experiences you have been through together. This will make your speech all the more significant because people will relate to the sentiments and feelings.
It is important to mention your family and tell them how much they mean to you. Think about what you want to say with regards to experiences you have shared together that you want to mention.
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It's easy 'cause it comes from your heart. What you think about them and what it in tells keeping you all together and how you feel about that.Here see

Dear family and friends,
                                       I great you all today with so much love in the name of out Lord and savior Jesus happy  I am to see you all gathered her today for one thing God who is LOVE. The world today is full of things:good and bad. It's our place as family and friends to pray for God's guidance to chose the right to do so we don't go different ways. Let's all go as far as we can to keep this family and friends union together. Friends are family remember that. Let's care about each other.that's our call. I love you all and may our good Lord be with you all.
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Give me an example of a welcome speech for family and friends day?
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You just said it family and friends night " Come and get your blessing" "Standing In the   need of a blessing"
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I would chose the theme in which is said that one should love his neighbour as himself or herself.
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