What Would Be A Good Welcome Speech For A Church Program?


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This question is a little vague because you do not say who is going to be making the speech, who it is intended for, and how long the speech needs to be.

Instead of having panic attacks at the thought of having to speak in public (you must be new to it otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question), think about what it is you are actually wanting to say, so that it can come from the heart, rather than being something that could sound artificial and hesitant.

If you are trying to make someone feel welcome, then that has got to come across as a real emotion, or the person you are intending it for may feel that you are only going through the motions and that you don’t really mean it, which would be awful, especially when you do!

Think about the reasons that you enjoy going to your church; they could be the reasons that the new person, or people, will enjoy too, so you can share some of those. If you genuinely get pleasure from these things, it will be easy to be enthusiastic about them and this will come across in your tone of voice.

Remember to look at the person that you are welcoming; if you look everywhere else but at them, maybe from embarrassment, they will not feel very welcome; and remember to smile, too. Part of welcoming somebody is to make them feel comfortable in your surroundings; they may be feeling shy, so part of any welcome is to put someone at ease.

Don’t be afraid to introduce key people, like the minister, so that they have a recognisable point of contact, but don’t overwhelm them with too many names. The main point to remember is to act naturally, be yourself, and genuinely feel welcoming.
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Welcome to our church.  We the members of this church and the pastor will like to extend our deepest love to you and welcome you to our church.  Hope you enjoy the program, please come again.
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We the members at the name of your church. Who our pastor and first lady would like to welcome all our visitors. We hope you enjoy our program and we thank you for coming out. We welcome you once, we welcome you twice, we welcome you in Jesus Christ.
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What type of Church program is it and how long do you have to speak for? When you have this detail then I will be able to assist you
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Welcome the people in the name of Jesus. Give the people compliments for visiting the service. They have understood that giving thanks and praise to the lord is a lifeline.
While others see visiting church as an activity if there is some time left, they have made time to visit the church. They are the ones that will experience that their giving of time, attendance,
money, attention, praise and all they want to give to the Lord will be returned to them the fullest.
Assure them that blessings will be on their way and that they may sart feeling good about, because God never fakes nor fails.
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I really need a welcome speech for a couple who is retiring for 50 years of community service for the church.
Please help.
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Well who are you welcoming and how would you like to be welcomed to a church function if you were going to a new place/church.think about this and then the  words will come. It also depends on if you are welcoming them at the door or if you mean a welcome as when they are sitting down in the church seats/pew.or if this is a church supper/breakfast/luncheon. In other words find words that tell them why you are thanking them for showing up and helping the church to benefit others.just my opnion. In other words you will have to find your own words in order to make this 'your' welcome.: ).you could if allowed give a small/short educational welcome of what the church is going to be trying to do and what the purose of the benefits while thanking the congregation for helping to support others o r the church.depends on what you are having the benefit for .
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Be sure to tell them Just as Jesus did and do not manipulate His words into a LIE as ALL RELIGIONS do.

Example: Jesus says to HATE the members of your household (Luke 14:26) because one reason is they take you into a house of SATAN as stated in Acts 7:47-48 & 17:24.

Don't be a coward and not tell them that the congregation LIES when they say Santa Clause can fly and Jesus was born on December 25th.

Cute white LIES will get you to HELL faster than black LIES.
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Welcome to our church you are free to praise the Lord... Now get the holy ghost and get out!!!!

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