Church Choir Anniversary Of 48 Years A Sample Welcome Speech. Can You Help?


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For any kind of reunion or anniversary, a welcome speech is an important starting point. It can be used to remind people of the way things were, update people on how things are now and break the ice. As talking to people you haven't seen for a very long time can be rather nerve racking, here are some things you may want to include:

  • A general welcome. Be warm and friendly, and speak confidently. Depending on the group you are addressing, you may want to introduce yourself.
  • Talk about the history of the choir. How did it start? Who formed it? Are there any original members in the audience? Are you an original member?
  • How has the choir developed? How many people have led it over the years? Are they in the audience? Do you want to thank them for their work and dedication?
  • What does the choir do now? Is it currently engaged in any charitable activities, or had any recent achievements you want to share with the audience?
Depending on your audience, you may want to refer to people by name. You will be able to decide whether the speech needs a formal or informal tone by knowing how big the audience will be and who it will be made up of. Always remember to thank your audience for attending, for their patience and to mingle with the crowd once you have given your speech.
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Welcome everyone thank them for coming out to support the choir and for previous support, stress the occasion and what you have planned to celebrate this occasion. Be sure and stress you want everyone to help you and the choir celebrate the; what ever year; anniversary with them by doing what ever you have planned. MAYBE TELL HOW YOU GOT STARTED AND SOME OF THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH. BUT YOU HAVE MADE IT TO THIS POINT BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND YOU GOOD PEOPLE Then thank them again tell them you hope they enjoy the festivity.
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There are plenty of scripture references to choirs and singing. You would also want to mention some of your choirs accomplishments. You may even include some not so good times if done in the right way for the right reason.
Mention the importance of each member in making the choir what it is. Also mention the important contribution a choir makes to a worship service.
I hope this will get you started.
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Need help writing history for choir
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"let the one who teach make his teaching as the word of God" I suggest a saying from bible...deut.6:4...hear you walk,as you sleep,as you I suggest you to tell the first commandment.....n....on says....sing with a common We should sing(play)...that there is only one true God...with a common making our worship in the name of Jesus christ as...collasian3:17...approved!!

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