Can You Give Me A Sample Of Church Occasion And Welcome Speeches?


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Pilgrimage programs, the inauguration of a new church station, commissioning of a new church parish, ordination of reverends, priests, pastors and evangelists, are all church occasions. They all also require welcome speeches.

In the Catholic doctrine, there is always a certain time in a year when new priests and deacons are ordained for the service of God and humanity. Almost every Christian religion has this great event. Protestants, like other churches are known in the catholic doctrine, have training schools where their ‘would-be’ pastors and workers of God are trained. On that same hand, Catholics have the seminary where ‘seminarians’ are being trained to posses the skills and qualities with which they can deliver the services they are called by God to do as it is so believed.

These ordination events, either for pastors, evangelists or priests are great occasions in the church. The occasion is always opened with a prayer from the high priest or senior pastors followed by a welcome speech from the spiritual leader, high priest or any senior pastor or evangelist. No matter what the occasion calls for, either a ceremony like an ordination, a reception, or any other special occasion in the church that you can think of, the goal of any welcome speech is to welcome and greet the audience before all the speakers.

Generally, a welcome speech is suppose to treat these five areas:

Thanking everybody for coming, especially the special guests.

Referring to the status of those being welcomed; referring to the person or who they represent and their status.

In most cases, their achievements and work is also highlighted.

It has to emphasize the goal of the occasion, the speakers, related workshops and any other proceedings and reports of the occasion.

And finally, it should end by wishing the audience, especially the special guests, an interesting morning, afternoon or evening.
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Welcome speech for a church anniversary
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Please email me a sample copy of a occasion for pastor's anniversary
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Pray breakfast at church
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Giving a Speech during the church anniversary can be difficult but if you prepare well. You are sure of delivering a great speech during this day but if you have not prepared well then you can customize a ready to use speech that someone else has written.

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Need welcome and occasion for an ushers program the theme is STAY CONSISTENT/NEW START
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