Can someone give me a speech for a harvest day program "occasion" for a black Baptist church?


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Harvest Day Occasion Speech

Everyone knows that what sets a black Baptist Church apart is the passion, joy and energy that the congregation creates.

This should be reflected in any speech addressing said congregation.

Similarly, the concept of Harvest is all about being grateful for what the Lord supplies us with, the food he puts on our table, but also the people that enrich our lives and his love and protection that he reigns upon us so that we can lead a joyous and righteous life that satisfies and fulfills us.

Here's a selection of sample speeches I've found, used and admired. I would suggest taking a look at all of these and modelling your own harvest speech around them

God's Harvest Feasts: His Assurance of Hope for Mankind

My speech for Harvest Festival

Dawn of Empires Harvest Festival

I wish you a happy harvest festival celebration!

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