Give Me A Format Of Writing A Welcome Address And Vote Of Thanks For The Sports Day In My School?


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The format of a welcome address along with a vote of thanks for a sports day function is relatively simple and easy to structure.

  • The key pointers about a welcome speech
As the title is pretty self-explanatory, I'm sure you're aware that a welcome address will come at the beginning of an event, and in this case you will give your speech before the activities of the sports day go ahead. You must keep in mind that you are trying to capture the attention of the audience and as you mentioned that you are doing a vote of thanks, you will need to address the organizers, parents, children and everyone involved.

  • Content
Due to the fact that it is a sports day function you should elude to the purpose of the function. You may want to consider drawing upon the preparation for the event and consider telling some amusing anecdotes about it.

In addition, you could draw upon previous sports days to give a bit of history to the event. You should come to the vote of thanks at the end of the speech. Mention the people that have helped to organize the sports day as well as those participating including the children, teachers and any parents that have elected themselves to help.

  • Timing
One of the most important things you have to contemplate is how much time you have to say the speech. There is no point on your preparing pages of dialog when you only have a few minutes to talk. Make sure you can fit the most important information in the time allocated. If you have not been given a certain amount of time then you should make sure you say enough but do not ramble on because the audience may lose interest.
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The exact speech you are looking for is hard to find on line (there is one on YouTube but it's hard to hear what the speaker is saying.) However, you can find a welcome address format quite easily, and you can adapt this to apply to sports day - most of the general language is the same. A vote of thanks format can be found here.

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