Do You Have Men's Annual Day Welcome Address Or Speech?


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Sometimes, a church will honour the achievements of men by holding a special Men's Day; at this celebration, there is usually a welcome address, or speech, that is given to the congregation. If you're looking at ideas or themes for a Men's Day speech at your church, you may want to consider honouring all of ways that men make life better for others.

Themes to explore include:

• Charity - Look into your congregation, and find examples of selfless and charitable acts by men that you know - you could also speak about notable men in history who devoted their lives to peace and to making the world a better place - examples of inspiring and positive role models include Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bill Gates, who is using his riches to provide education and health care services for impoverished people in Africa.
• Parenthood - Speak about the role of the father in the Bible, and in modern times. Men influence their children by setting morals and rules that mold their sons and daughters. You may wish to relate this theme to God, who is the universal father. 
• Bravery - Many men have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country - soldiers who died in battle are one example. In the community, men risk their safety each day, working as policemen and firemen. Speaking about this spirit of bravery can be uplifting, and create the right tone of respect for a Men's Day at your church.

Get creative and explore these themes while you write your speech; always relate your thoughts to your religious belief system. Be sure to welcome the congregation to the church at the start of your speech. You may also want to choose a special hymn that fits the occasion; this could be sung by a choir or by attendees.

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