Do You Have A Sample Welcome Speech For A 50th Class Reunion?


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The best way to ensure that you have the best welcome speech for a class reunion is to write it from the heart! You can write about everything you remember and the people that you remember. The experiences that the whole school and the times that you are never going to forget. Not only should you ensure that you welcome everyone and that you are as calm and as collected as possible but also friendly, but you should make it funny. Reunions are supposed to be fun and therefore you shouldn't be too formal as this is going to create the wrong atmosphere.

· Online help

There are many different websites which have created a check list of things you can include within your welcome speech. has a great list of things that you can include and write about to ensure that you are going to have the best speech possible.

· Making notes

Before you write the speech, make some notes about the things that you can remember from school. You don't have to include many of them, but it is going to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind when you begin the write the speech and you will find that more and more memories are going to come into your head when you begin writing.

· Write it from the heart, not from the head

If you write it like you have gone over it too many times, it is not going to be as special. Write it as you would say it to your best friend and this is going to have the best result on all of the people who attend the reunion.

As long as you enjoy the speech and have enjoyed what you have written, this is going to show when you are presenting it. There is going to be nothing better for the ex-pupils and their families than if you write it in the friendliest and fun way possible.

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