Is There A Sample Family Reunion Welcome Speech Available For Free?


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The following links may help you find a sample family reunion welcome speech:

All of the sites listed above state they have sample speeches for family reunions. You may or may not find something to your liking. These sites do offer plenty of suggestions in coming up with speeches.
They are also accessible for free. If you are unsure what to say in a welcome speech, consider what you know about your family and your family members. Most speeches take a page from what the person knows.
For example, if you start off with a small heritage lesson in welcoming the family, it may be a little dry, but it can also be interesting. If you do not know your family all that well, you may want to leave out the jokes. Using your family's background heritage at least shows you honor where you came from. For some this is important.
If you do not want to go that way, think of an amusing anecdote about someone in your family. Do not use an embarrassing story, but something that was meaningful to you. In this way you can welcome them and everyone else with a bit of a tale and get the reunion started off correctly.
Short speeches are often the best, especially at family reunions. Consider just welcoming everyone, explaining how it is great to be back together again and how your memories and experiences will be expanded with your time together. It is to the point and includes everyone in the speech.
Your family is probably just as excited to get to mingling with those they remember and catching up as you are, so a short speech is always going to be fine at these events.
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Arthur Wright answered
Just thank everyone for coming tothe reunion and name the most important elders as family matriarchs and wish everyone a god and interesting time and name some things that will be going on like a time set for looking at photo albums or walks/ talks down memory lane with older relatives. Make it interesting and entertaining as well as many wont be around next time so best to learn all you can now

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