How Do I Become Class Captain With A Speech?


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Giving effective speech is purely an art. 

Only a handful people can deliver inspiring speech, other make just people yawn. Well, your words are important in a speech, so you should keep them protected. 

Make sure that your words are effective and are not stolen by anyone. Using Folder Lock can help your cause as it will not allow anyone to steal your written speech. Here is the link for that

Other than that, your personality counts for about 50% percent of the effect, you need speak with your heart. 

Make sure you look like acting. Make some gestures, make your body speak as body language counts a lot. Dress accordingly. The main thing is your confidence, don't shake it up, drop shoulders and have a light smile on your face. You will rock believe me!

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Say a few of your skills eg. Responsible, trustworthy, reliable, honest. Start with good morning or good afternoon. End with a enthusiastic way by saying a praise for the the other contestants and make sure you clap for them. Say you will do your job with pride. Never say you can't promise a swimming pool or a candy bar that's just rubbish say you can promise a happy and lovely class/ school captain.
That's all I can say.
Hope it will help you.
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Thank you for a lilttle help :P
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I mean you help me lots with them words Dayum THANK YOU!! Please message me with more good ideas
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My answer is:

When you wanted to be a class captain, You need to make them impressed.
Your responsibilities are not just for you,its for others too.
Your responsibilities r for others.

Being a class captain is just like being a good positive role model.

And thats all I can say...


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