How Can I Do A Speech About Racism?


5 Answers

Hannah King Profile
Hannah King answered
Maybe tell them how wrong it is, that people should leave other people alone, cause nothing is wrong with them!
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Talk about racism,which has been in this country for eons,explain how wrong it is and your thoughts of how we can stop it,how it wrecks peoples lives, plus hurts them,give some examples of racism that you know of...Good Luck 
Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
Be sure to include that racism is not limited to color, it has been seen between countries for centuries.
Alysha Wreathall Profile
Well I would say you should not do it and the people are just like us but different colour and they should not be judged!
Debbie Simerly Profile
Debbie Simerly answered
Nothing like waiting til the last minute.  Tell the teacher your dog ate your homework and beg for mercy.  Maybe you can get an extension.

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