Can someone help me write a speech about family?


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It's difficult to help someone write a speech about their family.  It's a very personal thing to write, and it's not going to be possible for someone to prepare a family speech for you, without it being insincere.  That being said, I will provide you with some useful tips to help you create a wonderful family speech.

Tips to create an amazing family speech

  1. The first thing I would mention is that your speech should be sincere.  Be honest about your feelings towards your family members, and don't be embarrassed to write about how much you care about them.  Of course, don't go too over the top or it won't be believable. 
  2. Another important factor of any successful speech is structure.  There's no worse speech than one that's a lot of rambling without much actually being said.  Remember to have an introduction, a middle section with all the great things you want to say laid out in a good order, and then a conclusion that leaves everyone with a smile.
  3. Remember who you're talking to.  If you're delivering the speech to family members, there's no point speaking as if you're in an interview.  Keep it casual, but try to make sure you're not so casual that it's just loads of meaningless words.
  4. Keep it short and sweet.  Let's be honest, nobody wants to listen to someone talking for hours on end, even if what you're saying is fantastic.  You can deliver a more memorable speech by making sure that it's short and sweet.  Get to the point as quickly as possible.
  5. My final tip would be to relax.  Giving any kind of speech is difficult and produces anxiety for most of us.  Try to remember why you want to make the speech, and think about how great you'll feel after you've left a wonderful impression on everyone with your fabulous speech.

Good luck with your speech about family.  If you're still worried about it, here's a useful video that provides a few more tips about how to deliver a speech:

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