Can someone help me find a welcome speech?


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If you're looking to find or write a welcome speech, then you have come to the right place!

I have been writing speeches for years now, and the things I have learned about welcome speeches are:

4 tips for delivering the perfect welcome speech

  1. Speak from the heart. Don't use an internet copy because people can tell a fake welcome speech.
  2. Don't be too complicated. Outline what you want to say in notes, and then practice working from that. The words don't have to be exactly the same every time you deliver your welcome speech, just get those main ideas/themes down.
  3. Watch some other people delivering welcome speeches. It is great for picking up mannerisms, learning about body movement and gestures, and when and how you should pause... And the content can be inspiring too!

  4. Focus all your practice on nailing the first minute of your speech. If you can complete 30 seconds confidently, this will give you a major boost and you will ease into the rest of your talk, no problem!

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