How Does Racism Hurt People?


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Racism hurts people in a number of ways, and both in physical and psychological ways. By judging someone because of their race, color, ethnic background and culture, people make assumptions on their personalities and characteristics based on stereotypes, usually negative ones, portrayed through the media and elsewhere through cultures. The belief is that the inherent differences in people's traits and personal capacities are as a direct result of their ethnic background. Nowadays in the UK there is a tough no tolerance policy on racism, covered by the Race Relations Act 1976, which makes it illegal for anyone to unlawfully discriminate against another on racial grounds, a term defined as:

- Colour
- Nationality
- Ethnic or national origins

Under the Act, it is irrelevant whether the discrimination is done on purpose or not, but the fact that it is present at all, and anyone who is treated unfavorably because of their race is protected. The Act covers situations in employment, the provision of goods and services (i.e. Buying something, applying for credit, using banks, benefits entitlements, hospital and doctors treatments, etc.), education and public functions. Racism hurts people by making them feel in superior to others because of their race, which is something they cannot control, something that is part of who they are as a person. Discrimination against someone because of their race not only makes people feel different from everyone else, but also not as worthy or important as others in terms of basic human rights and needs.
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Because it is a hindrance to ever having peace. I look at racism as a lazy approach someone takes to understanding the world around them.
They do not learn what causes problems in the world, because it is "that groups" fault.
They do not try to understand any other cultures, because they are "not equal" so who cares.

It is a dismissive and ignorant way to go through life.
I'm not sure how much it hurts the people being looked down on by others. I can only imagine it is a lousy feeling. Racism isn't just words though, after enough time some need to express their views on another level. That's when people get hurt and lives get cut short. At the point that someone doesn't respect life itself anymore it is too late to convince them otherwise.
They have dehumanized a group so much that they now do not see the significance in their breathing.
It is a dangerous mentality to get lost in, the blind hate and blanket statements cloud rational thought.
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Racism hurts people physically and mentally. Physically is through war and fights between gangs and different cultures. Thats way racism is what causes war and wipes out peace! Life is too short to judge people by their color, and their appearance, we are all equal. Even though we may come from different places and speech in different tongues our heart beat as one!! God Bless everyone in this world! Also there are only two kinds of people in this world; good people who do good deeds and bad people who  commit  crimes because of the differences they find in people!  -muneera
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Racism hurts people physically  and mentally by saying that people are not equal to each other. People think that if you tell somebody that you're not like them because of their color it doesn't mean that they're different from you.  That is right because if you tell somebody that your different from them they won't really care.

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I think it is a way to discriminate people (Mainly) of color. I hate it. Although the people doing may think it is fun, it is very hurtful. I hope people find a way to end it forever. Period.I Think I will be one of those people when I am older.

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Old question but still worth pondering.

Racism has no value in society. It's an "old world" method of control. It came from a time when people where simply and obtusely short sighted and fueled by folklore and superstition. Beliefs back then were obtusely unrighteous and well, down right evil.

Now days .. We see remnants of that old world thinking whereby people were judged by the colour of their skin not their ability to contribute to society.

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