Does Racism Still Exist Today?


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Yes...Racism is still very much alive in the United States. There are still descendants of the slaves from the 1800s who were never told that slavery was over. These people were discovered in the 1990s still working on the same plantations. They were still using whips, threats of rape, were not allowed to go to church, etc...You would have to go where the swamp areas are in Mississippi, Carolina, Texas, other places. I was a student in upstate New York and at that time my friends were white. Many times we would walk alongside the road and they would yell nigger lover as they tried to run us off the road. My college friend who worked at Mcdonalds had to walk home late one night and a Klan man jumped out from the behind the bushes in full gear and said, "what are you doing out shouldn't be here,,run home'. She recognized his voice as one of her classmates. This was 1980s. So many stories to tell...Anyway, I try my best not to hold any grudges despite being called a nigger. I am hispanic, but with dark skin. God is my protector and he said "I am no respector of persons."
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The worst form of racism started in Africa during the times of colonialism when the small percentage of whites dominated the region. Blacks were degraded in every possible way. They went to different schools of lower calibre. They were given the worst employments. This form of racism continued in the United States in the 50s and 60s where black children went to different schools and rode on different buses. Martin Luther King was a major reason why this obvious segregation was eliminated.    But I think that there is still racial segregation in America. Why has there not been a black U.S president? Why are all superheroes white? Is this not racial segregation? Even today when a white woman sees two black men coming her way she changes her path. In India there are more than a thousand kinds of castes. In the Hindu caste system the untouchables are at the lowest end. They are discriminated in every aspect of life. They are not allowed to shake hands with another caste. They are given the most degrading jobs. Therefore in this context I racism does exist today.
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I think that is very mean.God has made us a color and we should stick to it and appreciate our differences.Why fight over a color.Its like fighting over a crayon box.Which is stupid.We should be able to appreciate each other diifferences. And thank God we even have a color.
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Yes it is still existing in the present day world. There are innumerable examples to prove it. What happened 2 years back, in U.S.A. when hurricane Katreena devastated south-east America, the reliefe works were to poor, mainly b'coz of the racial discrimination against the blacks liing there.
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Well if you mean John Galliano the fashion designer who designed Kate Moss's bridal dress then yes that's the only type of racism that I have come across. As far as Barack Obama becoming the first president, racism still does exist.
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My dear, it wipes all over the world. Nevertheless, it is terrible thing, but it is still there..

Among many people and at the level of governments also.

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