What Are The Different Forms Of Leadership That Exist In The World Today?


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There are a number of forms of leadership - or government - existing in the world today.  Democracy, government by elected representatives of the people, itself comprises different forms of leadership.  For example in America the Head of State is the President - who has executive power - whereas in Britain it is the Queen, although she is more a figurehead and the government in this parliamentary democracy is actually led by the Prime Minister (who requires the support of the government).  

Autocracies are systems of government in which the political power is held by a single individual.  Often called presidents (or dictators by their detractors) examples today include Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Fidel Castro in Cuba.  Absolute monarchies are more a past phenomenon, though there are still examples today of kings ruling states, such as in Brunei, Saudi Arabia and the you.A.E.

Military dictatorships, where political power resides with the military, have traditionally been common in the Middle East, Africa and South America, though there are less of them about today.  Libya and Pakistan are examples of present-day military dictatorships.  

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