In Which Countries Does Child Slavery Exist And In What Forms?


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There are different kinds of child slavery around the world.
Child labour is common in mostly developing countries in Asia mostly. In India for instance the worst of child labour can be found where children get caught in the web of bonded labour. They are sold to employers by the families who are in debt and then that debt is paid off through the child's labour. This sometimes goes on for years.

Children are also trafficked around the world like in Tobago. They are promised for a better life and thrown into child prostitution. Then there is the tragedy of children being involved in armed conflicts. This is another form of child slavery. Children are abducted by rebels in countries of Africa which has been involved in the most conflicts. Children come face to face with the horrors of life ate the front line.

They are forced to raid village and kill civilians. Child soldiers are amongst the saddest victims of the tragedy of child slavery. Another common form of child abuse is corporal punishment, exercised by teachers and parents to discipline their children.
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There are many countries which are poor like India, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh and Nepal in which the child slavery still exists .
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Child slavery exists in mainly every third world country you can think of, and sometimes children are even guilt tripped by relatives or influences and therefore produce money.
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The child slavery I have heard of is in ute ivory cost on cacao farms. If the children try to escape they are punished by having to drink unrine and there legs get cut off and given rontten food to eat. So then they won't be able to try and escape any more
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It exists in many countries. Africa is full of all types of slavery whether it's sexual, bonded labour, physical and what not. It also exists in Asia, Europe and Even North America.
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According to me child labour exist in every places where there is no compulsory schooling.
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Child slavery is just sick, there should be more money being spent by MEDC's to prevent this. O know this dosen't really answer your question but I thought it shold get out. Many countries around have child labour going on right now. Mostly MEDC's.

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