Why Do Black People React To Racist Slurs From White People So Aggressively While Buying Records In Which Black People Are Using Equally If Not Worse Language And Degrading Of Black Women?


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It does seem really a contradiction in terms doesn't it?
Abuse and racial discrimination are as bad as each other. It's no good criticising others for doing bad things if we do equally as bad to someone else.
Here in Wales there are loads of words people say to each other especially as there's a big mixture of English, Welsh and Irish and Scots too where I live. Thankfully most of it's tongue in cheek and no real offence is usually taken though when alcohol's involved it can get unpleasant.
We have a 'Jock', 'Paddy' and 'Taffy', amongst the neighbours and that's what they've chosen to call themselves like a proud label really.
I can't remember how to spell the Welsh for the English but no-one really takes any notice as they are all very tolerant.
It's a real shame that some of the Loyalists associate with the British National Front as they are not really tolerated over here as most people hate racism on that level.
I think these black guys who degrade women are such a poor example and while in a minority obviously have an effect on how people see them and how young people especially use them as role models.
It's a sort of reversion from racism to sexism and seems inexcusable when it's aimed at black women who may have suffered from racist abuse as well as sexist abuse.
What you've said gives food for thought.
I can't stand racism either.
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For hundreds of years racism has been rampant. Think about the Second World War. The blacks in NA were slaves and the whites treated them worse than they treated their pets. In most cultures men degrade women, it's a power trip. Did you ever notice that comics will make jokes about their own culture? It's O.K. To laugh at yourself and your people but if someone from another race or culture does it, it's an entirely different thing. Slavery is not dead. Women, be they black,white or brown, whatever are still being looked down on by men. People infer demeaning and insulting meanings from the way a remark is made quite often.
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Well, black people react to the racist slurs because where we come from the racist slurs meant really bad things to us. The whites us these words and it hurt us but what could we do about it. And now that we can stand up for ourselves we react aggressively. When they said one simple word to us "niggar" that word meant a lot like we are ignorant, useless, dirt people and they put us below everyone.
Black females sometimes pay attention to the things men say about us in there songs. But what can we so like we couldn't so anything than there's nothing we can do now.
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As a white, I always thought that the n word was a corruption of negro, much in the same way that the English refer to us as paddies. Racism is an alien concept to me. To this day I cannot understand why skin colour matters. In northern Ireland, religion was the main sticking point. Loyalists however are more associated with the British National Front, so racism is more likely in loyalist areas.
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I am sorry to admit , but most white people are the most judgemental, self-serving, two- faced, unsanitary group of people that I have ever encountered. I do understand that there are those white people who do not fit into this category. But lets be honest, a white women with a black man would not receive the same response in a white establishment, verses a black one. Nor, would it even be an issue with a white girl or male in a black neighborhood verses a white one.
Keeping in mind that the same white people that say they are not against these situations would surly be persuaded to do so..... Why is that?
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Oh and your kind is not unsanitary? You dont even shower daily! It's a fact! Not only is it widely known but it can be smelled.
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Black people react aggressivley to racist slurs from white people while buying records in which black people are degrading black woman because...black women are black you never hear anything about white women in records...its the difference in color WHY make fun of me when I'm not doing anything to you or your kind
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White people are just a pain in the ass, most of you are just plan sickening.
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All you blacks need to shut the hell up. You are inferior, accept it! It has been proven scientifically that black people are less intelligent due to excessive testosterone levels, which although increasing physical prowess, decreases intelligence. No other races is affected so negatively. That is nothing to be proud of as in modern society, heightened physical prowess and lowered intelligence will only make you a brute. That is what you all are. You are filthy, ignorant, stinking brutes. I grow tired of your complaints about how 'whitey' is keeping you down. I am mixed with 2 other races and you don't see me complaining. Yes the whites did bad things.. A long time ago. The last of those whites are dying out and then they will be gone. Your complaints will no longer have validity! There will be no one left who ever did anything that you fools rant about! Get over the past and be silent! Go sing your stupid slave songs on your way back to africa if you think you will be happier there. You will get enslaved again because people over there hate americans whether black or white, or red, yellow, whatever,

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