How To Present My School Speech To Get Elected As A Class Representative?


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When running for class representative, you need to make a speech that is funny and inspiring, so your classmates feel you are a representative that would both be friendly and express their views and concerns appropriately and with force. Depending on how serious your class elections are taken, you could aim to make the speech formal, with a suggestion of humor in parts. If the elections are generally a casual affair, be sure to include lots of jokes. All school students love those who are funny and humorous as well as kind and caring.

Follow these tips to give a fantastic school speech and secure your position as class representative:

• Incorporate a 'standing joke' into your speech, that all of your classmates will recognize. For instance, if you have a grouchy caretaker, you could say your first policy would be to dress him up in a clown suit for the day. Of course, when making jokes that include your fellow classmates or staff members, you must ensure you do not cause any hurt or offense.
• Throughout your speech, keep your tone of voice strong and speak loud enough so even those at the very back of the room can hear you clearly. This will give you an air of confidence, no matter how nervous you are.
• Maintain eye contact with your audience, shifting your focus between various members of your class, to keep everybody engaged.
• Tell your class exactly what you plan to do in your role as class representative. Make it clear that you will always act in their best interests. Talk about how you want to make your school a better place for all students, and will strive to achieve the changes they wish to make.

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