Can You Give Me Tips For My School Election Speech? And A Funny But Good Opening Sentence?


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I am Sailaja. I am providing you a good website named India study channel.
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I am providing you a link of an article. "A Successful Speech" from the same website.
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All the best...
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I like elecutions. With experience I have learnt it is always best to keep it natural- speak what comes to mind what I really believe. Learning by rote the entire speech is the last thing to be done because anyways I will forget it.
Remember to address all present-judges, chairperson, moderator, audience et al.I  like to start by quoting my favorite author/proverb etc.Including the latest news- news of that day or yesterday's is sure to
grab the judges attention and will show you are abreast with letest
A pinch of Wit and humor is what the salt does for food. The audience needs to felt 'involved" in what I am trying to put forth. Thus eye contact is very very very essential-with the judges as well the general audience.

A great start and a punch line finish is all that I practiced.
All the best.
Have Fun.

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I do not know what to write for my school vice-head prefect election speech.

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