What Is A Good Attention Grabber For Introduction Speech?


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Kinda be looking to the side of the stage or platform you are standing on, (like you're looking for someone or at somebody) lightly tap the mic handle and say at same time is this thing on?  Then quickly as though of course because you just heard your own voice, the next thing you say into the mic with your eyes glancing across the audience and a larger smile on you face.,  ' you know my Mom told me to make sure the mic was working before I started speaking to you guys, she always has the best advice.'
It's sure to be an ice-breaker with your audience, and you should get at least one belly roll or glimmer of a laugh.  If you have a better ice-breaker use it.  A short but genuine joke your comfortable saying is a great way to let the audience know you are approachable when starting to speak in any size crowd.  It needs to be genuine and personal in nature, that's why the mom thing works.  Who can't' help but talk about their mom without genuineness I think!  Most of all too, your Mom will get a kick out of it!

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