How Can I Start My Farewell Anchoring Speech For My Seniors Of Class 10?


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There are a few ways that you could consider starting this speech. You will be saying farewell but also looking at the time you have spent together so any of these things can be used to start the speech.

Have a think about what you will be comfortable with saying in front of people and also have a think about the size of the audience. This may affect what you say in the speech and what you feel comfortable with saying; especially if there is someone in the audience that you should tread carefully with.

  • Open with an introduction
You could open your speech with an introduction. This may be helpful if there will be people there who do not know who you are or your relationship with the class. Many people also find that starting with an introduction makes them feel more relaxed and can carry on the speech feeling more at ease.

  • Open with some reflections of the time you have spent with the class
You can make this beginning to the speech as funny or as serious as you wish and could mention some times that you have spent together or some occasions that you will never forget. This will put a more personal feel to your speech.

  • Open with your thoughts on the farewell
Start the speech with the farewell, say how you feel about this being the end of an era and how you feel about everybody moving on to different things and experiences. You should remember to wish everyone luck in their futures, whatever they are going on to do next.

All of these ideas would work as the opening to your speech, you just need to have a think about how it will flow with the rest of the speech and how your audience will react to it.
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Start with best quotations  which would firstly open the ceremony nicely and then include all the experiences that you had amongst your mates as well as teachers ... Describe your likings and dislikings from the school frankly about what the school lacked with and encourage it to develope more ...atlast end it with some of your favourite lines which would be heart melting ., which would create emotions in you as well as the audians .... Thank every body expresing with greate respect and come back with a smiling face...
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Thanks you for givig me such anice tips which r irrelevant and you r angutha chaap and 2worl

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