How to prepare an anchoring speech for the orientation day?


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A good speech and the best way to speak in public is very open to individual interpretation. However - most speeches will have some areas where they are the same and you can use these as a basic framework to start creating your anchor speech. These main sections are as follows:

  • Introduction/Beginning

No surprises that this is where you start your speech. Use this as a way of getting your audiences complete attention. Introduce yourself, thank them for coming and go about stating the main points you are going to be covering during the course of your speech. You should look to end this section on a point that you can transition into.

  • Main section

This is where you will be doing the vast majority of your speaking. Although your speech may not be all that long in total duration, this main section is where you will go into the most detail. Take the brief points that you were making in your introduction and develop them further.

  • Summary/Conclusion

This is when you will bring the speech to close. Here you will be reviewing the points you have made during the course of the speech and summarizing your previously developed information into more concise points.

Make sure you have estimated how long you will need to speak for and plain the main body of the speech accordingly. You want to ensure that it lasts long enough and contains all the important information that you wanted to convey.

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