How to start anchoring in fresher party?


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There is no meaning of the word anchoring that I can think or find on the Internet that means anything to do with Freshers Week. Below is an explanation of what Freshers Week and how to enjoy it or survive it.

  • What is Freshers Week?
Freshers Week is the first week of university before any courses, lessons or lectures start where everyone starts to get to know each other, get settled into their new accommodation and joins any societies or clubs that catch their eye. Although this is not the case for everybody, Freshers Week is heavily associated with drinking and partying.

Below are some tips on how to survive a university's Freshers Week.

  • Step one. Try to get to know your university campus or your accommodation before you actually move up there. Take a trip down there one day with your parents or your friends so that they can get a feel of what it is like.
  • Step two. Try to make new friends before you arrive there. Join your university union's Facebook group or, if you know your accommodation, there are usually Facebook groups where everyone moving in there can talk.
  • Step three. Get to know as many people as you can. Chances are that you won't speak to most of the people you meet in Freshers week ever again, but hanging out with them during that time will be great for you.
  • Step four. Get everything important out of the way as soon as possible. Register for your course, register with your local student doctor and dentist and fill in any forms or paperwork before you start enjoying yourself.
  • Step five. Go to your university's Freshers Fair. This is where all your university's clubs and societies will be advertising themselves. Sign up to anything that interests you. Once your course starts you will stick with the ones that interest you most, but at least you have put your name down.

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