What Are Some Titles For Girls For Farewell Party?


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Titles you can give out at a farewell party can include a range of comical phrases. It depends on the situation, for example if one of your female colleagues is leaving work, then you could come up with titles such as 'The Late Starter' or 'The Most Dedicated' or 'The Boss's Favourite'. You can come up with a whole range of ideas depending on what the personalities of the people are like and how they fit into the group.

To throw a successful farewell party, you will want to stay away from the sadness of saying goodbye and create a celebratory atmosphere of the past experiences and what the future holds. Ensure that you make the guest of honor the centre of attention and express how much she will be missed. You should pick a theme that best suits the situation, for example, if a friend is moving to another country you should fill the space with things associated with that specific country and put up posters saying 'bon voyage'. If you are saying goodbye to a work colleague then you could set it up in the office and get your fellow workers to share funny memories of the person who's leaving. Depending on the size of the party you want to throw, you could put together a scrap book and get everyone involved to write a little message or funny story that they experienced with them in the past. If you're throwing a big party you could perhaps rent a photo booth or a back drop where everyone can have professional photos taken. You could also ask everyone to bring a gift for the guest of honor that represents the past, present or future of their lives, or just a funny little memento for them to keep.

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