What Can Be The Titles Given To The Girls In A Farewell Party Who Are Just Going To Become Professional Engineers?


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For intelligent girls
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Hi. Giving titles in parties is a lot of fun, isn't it? It adds a lot of energy and life to the party but care has to be taken while giving out titles. The person who is coming up with titles for everyone should have a very good sense of humour, but he or she also must have a very good understanding of people. Because what may seem funny to one person, may seem very offensive to another person. So make sure when you come up with titles you do not offend anyone. Remember they are for fun and but they are not meant to make fun of someone.

What titles would be suitable for the girls graduating from an engineering class would totally depend on the girl who is getting a title. I think this is solely for you to decide, because no one who does not know the people will be able to come up with a title for anyone. Since you know these girls personally, or at least you know them by face, you can think of a certain personal characteristic of that person and cone a title accordingly.
Good luck with coming up with some nice humorous titles. Have fun !

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