Can you write a farewell speech for class 12?


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So you're in graduating and you need a farewell speech to say goodbye and goodluck to your classmates and friends?

Here's some advice I've picked up from attending a bunch of graduation speeches (I have a big family):

  1. Keep it personal. The internet is great for ideas and advice, but don't just use a 'template speech' or copy and paste someone else's... This is an important day, make the most of it!
  2. This isn't the end, it's a new beginning!
    Saying goodbye is sad, there's no getting around that... Things will never be the same again. That doesn't mean you won't see or hear from your friends ever again though.

    Good friends last way beyond graduation, and most of the people you know will be on Facebook all the time anyway.

    So rather than looking at this as a sad day, try to see it as the beginning of a new chapter in all your lives. The future is full of opportunities, excitement and adventure - try to tap into that spirit with your speech.
  3. Practice speaking in public.

    No matter how good your written speech is, if you don't have the delivery it won't have the intended impact. The best way to get good at delivering a powerful speech is to practice, practice, practice!
  4. Watch some other speeches. Like I said before, originality is important. But taking inspiration from others is no bad thing.

    Who knows, maybe you'll decide for something really creative like this guy:

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Adila Adila
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They don't look like teenagers. :/ And why do people in America make graduation day such a big deal...over here it's like...nobody really cares (well we didn't) , I left with my head held high, happy as ever and so glad. Plus that guys speech was boring anyway.
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Maybe your uni graduation will be a bigger deal? I shall look for better examples on YouTube then. I thought the one above was ok overall though, 6/10
Adila Adila
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Yeah because Uni graduation is more going into the real world when you are ready to take ok adult responsibilities. I don't see why we should get recognition for passing high school , over it's a relief , yes some people cry , I on the other hand , don't actually live in the present , I'm too far stretched into the future to care about what's happening now , maybe that's a bad thing? Who knows.

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