Can you suggest a title for a farewell speech in 3-4 lines?


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A farewell speech title in 3-4 lines needs to be to the point and powerful. Here's how I would write a brief but powerful farewell speech title:

It all depends what/who you're saying farewell too, it could be friends, classmates... It could even be a farewell speech intended for a dramatic performance or play.

This is me when I used the Shakespeare line "parting is such sweet sorrow" in my farewell speech at work.

Since you only want 3 or 4 lines, I'd recommend picking only a few themes to mention in your title.

For example:

  • Line 1 could be about 'how important this time of your life is and what you plan to do next'
  • Line 2 could mention briefly how much you've enjoyed things up till now.
  • Line 3 could be dedicated to promising one another that you'll all stay in touch.

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