If While Walking Through An Alley You Spot A Dead Body With A Bloody Knife And Glove Beside It What Would You Do?


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Wow! Tough question here...i guess first thing i'd do would be to look around me. As i'm taking my wepion out, in the other hand i'd inform 911_stat! Run over, and see if i could help the victim, you know,just to be certain the "dead body" really is dead. If so. I'd back my way on out of the ally, wepion being my eyes at all times. Oh! And screw touching the evidence,because why risk myself as a possible suspect? If you get my drift. And stay put! Untill the help arrived. Watching over the victim, making sure, no one else messed with the body our disturbed any evidence. (so the law could make sure to find the "right" person/persons)> and fry their @$$... I'm not for the death penalty. But am tired of seeing the murders being put back out (killing again) in five. Ten. And what? Eight. Oh! And thirteen years> some cases,three years!!! So,back to the question at hand these would be my actions in regards.  If i may ask? Is this a trick question or something? Lol. No pun intented. Or maybe just a little. (smile)
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Good answer. It is still flawed with the possibility of the media getting wind and snitching you out on the evening news as a killer before jury selection ;). If there was no video you would be the prime suspect until ruled out as a possibility.
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Risk worth taking for me. After all,> i just love a thrill ride once in a while. After all is said and done then they would head out for the real killer. As i say, worth the risk to me...
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Oh, and no trick question. I have a very curious mind. This question is quite tame in relation to my other ones. Become a friend of mine and you can follow me for then next week until I go off the grid. Send a request and I will gladly accept.
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1st of all...I would NOT be walking down an alley by myself. But if I was & spotted this dead body, etc., 1st thing I'd do is prolly throw up. Then I'd scream bloody murder, cause it would scare me to death !! Maybe next, I'd pass out. Then...if I managed to get the H_ll out of there in one piece, I'd prolly go home & try to forget I saw it, coz like U say...I don't need to be pinned with any murder, or be bothered by Police every other day, asking me questions I can't answer anyway. Or God forbid...be hunted down by the murderer him/herself..
Just call me "Chicken", whatever....That's Me !!
I prefer to stay out of trouble. Mine and everybody Else's.
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Self preservation is not fear. You aren't a chicken for wanting to continue living a simulated free lifestyle. There is a possibility that anyone in this situation could be pinned to this murder and despite what we like to think, we all live in a guilty until proven innocent civilization. At least as soon as the media gets ahold of it anyway.
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Oh Big...I agree what U think about this being a "guilty" until proven "innocent" civilization. I've both seen & experienced it to some degree. But I've also seen it go the other way....where a "guilty" party was given an "innocent" decision. Like maybe....O.J. Simpson, perhaps, as an example.
An' forget the Media.....we're all dead if we depend on them. Ya can't even depend on your local weather person.
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Keep it moving not touch anything and call the police anonymously.
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I'd call the police  about it & have them come.
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Yho id call the police at the spot
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I think that is what most would do. I would be too worried that I may be a suspect though. And since they are dead I can't exactly change their fate so I would have to keep truckin'.
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Well you know me, I would feel for a pulse and see if I could help the poor bugger, wouldn't touch the knife or glove and by this time if no-one had knocked me over the head I would dial 911 in your country, 999 in mine.
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Hello Biggreen.
My name is Madge Kelly.
In my expreience, when you see a dead body you should screem : Ali Ali Ali a deady Body Body.
Also take the knife becuase it is normaly very sharp and great for cutting the chirstmas turkey
then take the shoes of the dead person and sell them on ebay.
Then finally run away as the rats by the body will be to the top of your head by now.
Hope this helped x

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