What would happen if you put a dead body in a washing machine? (I know I sound like I'm a psychopath but it's for a story there will be no actual dead bodies involved)


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I think it would make a clunky clunk clunk sound ....that's all k can guess about that ...it's better than beep ... Beep ... Beep ... Anyway this question reminds me of one of my favourite songs so aight ;)

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First of all u would have to chop the body up .thats a mess then u have all the problems that echooos said. So its yukky bad

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Well, if your killer is short and not very strong, I'd go with a front loader rather than a top loader---not as much lifting involved and you would have more room because there is no central agitator involved..

Also, a large capacity washer would be advisable---some are available at laundromats, but you should scout the location to determine when it is least busy.  (Fewer witnesses.)

Rigormortis could be an additional complication.  Do some research to determine the best time to do the load the machine.

I'd skip the detergent and fabric softener.  (Just a gut feeling.)

And please be sure to take the body out when the cycle ends---other people may be waiting to use the machine.

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otis campbell
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This may happen. They had a guy in south houston kill his wife who was a cop buy a body bag from a funeral home with a credit card then buried her. What a idiot
Tom  Jackson
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Wow, that is stupid.
otis campbell
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I didnt even know the public can buy a body bag can u imagine going to the funeral home and asking for one lolol
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You'd have to have a very short corpse in there or it would be cut up.

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Would also make a difference if the washing machine had an agitator. A lot of the new efficiency machines don't have one, which would both make it easier to get the body into the machine, and do less damage during the wash/rinse cycle.    You might want to kill a smaller person just becasue easier. 

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