I need a welcome speech for my 6 year old grand daughter for youth sunday?


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Welcome speeches tend to differ greatly depending on the circumstances of the occasion they are given at.

  • Tips for speech writing
When writing a speech for Youth Sunday, you will probably want to include a warm greeting which treats the audience as a whole and does not single anyone out. It may be important to include bible passages or quotations where relevant in the speech. The tone of the speech will depend on the mood of the event. If most of the attendees know one and other, the the tone can be quite jovial and informal. If many of the audience are strangers, you will need to decide to either keep the speech formal to a degree, or to continue with a jovial tone in order to try and break the ice somewhat.

  • Begin with a joke
A joke is a great way to start a speech - as much as everyone says it, so few people ever do it! Perhaps most important in your case will be to use words your granddaughter is capable of reading. It will be better to use simple language and have it read clearly and loudly than to include complex words that are stumbled over.

  • Youth Sunday
Youth Sunday is a Catholic event which encourages children to explore the Catholic religion. It is often used to help children understand the religion in a clearer way, so activities that involve the attending children asking questions about Catholicism are often a big part of the event.

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